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The redevelopment project for Belhaven Heights Park is a complete redesign of the park to turn the park from total green space to an adult-friendly park that ties into the Museum To Market Trail providing a direct entrance into the pedestrian-friendly trail. The park consists of green space for group sports activities and entertainment at the pavilion. Also, the park will have a one-mile walking trail for health and wellness activities. The park will also include unique structures called “follies” that will further serve for health and wellness activities as well as providing a unique and appealing aesthetic to the park. This design will be unlike anything else within the state and highlights the transition of our neighborhood to a fun and funky area with a unique vibe.


Over/under Structure
Overlook structure

Belhaven Heights Community Association looking over the park design
From left to right:
Quint Hunt: Board of Directors
Alex McCord: President
Pete Cole: Vice President
Jennifer Welch: Secretary
Anthony Scarbrough: President Emeritus
Sam Begley: Board of Directors

Master Plan: $10,000

Total cost: $250-300k approximately

$235 of $2,500 Goal
Raised by 1 people in 213 days
  1. JJ Townsend  
    6 months ago

Q: Where is the park located?
A: The Belhaven Heights Park is located at 750 Madison St.
Q: Who created the proposed design for the park?
A: Belhaven Heights Community Association created the proposed design with help from architect Alex McCord.
Q: How much will the new design cost?
A: While we will not have exact numbers until after the master plan has been completed (which will cost $10,000) we estimate the design to cost $250,000-300,000.

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