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curious citizens of significant developments invites Mississippians to playfully explore one of the primary symbols of representative government in Mississippi - the Mississippi State Capitol and the activities therein. this civic engagement increases access to government, as a set of processes and as a physical location, through demystifying the rules and regulations which dictate public access to the Capitol and increasing familiarity with the ways the space can be activated.

this engagement will occur through methods such as:

  • site mapping activities including taking traditional tours, aimless playing on the lawn, and research on contemporary and historical usage.

  • direct action to test out propositions and limits of access or terms of use for areas of the building or activities which can be engaged inside or on the grounds.

  • interviews of Capitol staff, elected representatives, historians, and regular visitors such as lobbyists and journalists.

  • relationship building over time with Capitol staff, representatives, and regular visitors

through these and other methods imagined by participants, the “curious citizens” of this project will feel out the boundaries of the People’s House of Mississippi to understand and activate the building and it’s capacities. the findings amassed will be organized in an online portal and published in a small booklet in the style of a family activity guide in the Fall of 2019.

participants self identify as “curious citizens” and undergo an orientation to learn their rights in the space and current findings of the project (they will also be provided voter registration forms and notified of their polling location). upon completion of orientation, they will receive a pin designating them a “curious citizen” to wear at the Capitol. according to their own interest and expertise, they will visit the Capitol to create and submit their own findings for the project.

significant developments manages the project through paid staff who deliver orientation, review entries produced for the project’s online portal, answer questions regarding the project and findings, and act as spokespersons for the project in an official capacity. curious citizens are always able to refer questions they receive in the field to these significant developments staff members.

the primary impacts of curious citizens of significant developments will be to demystify the Mississippi State Capitol, offer a playful framework for interaction with the building, it’s occupants, and procedures, and serve as an educational tool identifying the mechanisms of civic action.

funds contributed through this campaign will reimburse our project for the following costs:

  • 1000 curious citizen pins ($940) – The pins are given free of charge upon the completion of our curious citizen orientation and the kick off event is free and open to the public.
  • our summer intern Dylan Tompkins artist/public policy student ($2000)
  • design, web site, and print material expenses (with local designer Tyler Tadlock) ($1780)
  • our kick off event (preparations, rental costs, marketing, filming, and live streaming) at the MS Civil Rights Museum September 22nd ($5100).


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