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“My Body, My Boundaries” is a one-hour one-time free education program that teaches elementary-aged children and their parents/caregivers how to stay safe from bullying and abuse and have productive, healthy conversations.

In today’s world there are vast amounts of bullying and abuse –  physical, emotional and sexual. It is crucial that our children learn to use a strong voice regarding their rights, especially about their bodies, so they can grow into strong, confident pre-teens, teenagers and adults. Children need to be taught to say “NO” to bullying and abuse. Educating our children to respect themselves and one another will lead to a world less violent and more respectful of humanity.

The Growing Up Knowing elementary school curriculum teaches children about their bodies and gives them the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe and grow into healthy individuals. To implement this research-based curriculum, we partner with community and faith-based organizations. This one-hour program inspires ongoing healthy conversations at home. We accomplish this by focusing on:

  • correctly naming body parts
  • recognizing physical boundaries and safe touching
  • saying “NO” to abuse and bullying
  • reporting abuse to trusted adults
  • successfully communicating between parents and children
  • respecting and loving your own body
It costs approximately $25 for one family to participate in the program. Educational resources and materials for the program including the curriculum and a book we read costs about $100. Putting on a facilitator training costs about $150. To put on a single program, it costs about $200.
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  1. JJ Townsend  
    3 months ago

Who do you partner with to implement the program?
We partner with churches, after school organizations, school districts, and anyone willing to implement our program! Visit http://www.growingupknowing.org/my-body-my-boundaries/ to see a list of our current and past partner organizations.
How do you evaluate the program?
Parents/caregivers fill out a pre and post questionnaire, and we contact participants six months after to get their feedback again. We are working to compile all of the data in an easy-to-digest format.
Who facilitates the program?
We either bring in our own trained facilitators and/or we train staff at the partner site to facilitate successfully.
What are some examples of the program positively impacting people?
A couple weeks after we implemented My Body, My Boundaries at an after school program in Jackson, a 7-year-old boy approached the director. He said to her, “Remember a few weeks ago at that Growing Up Knowing program when you told me that I should find a safe adult to tell if someone is touching me in a bad place? Well, you’re my safe grown-up and I’m being touched.” This director reported the incident to the proper authority, helped organize counseling for his family and possibly prevented an abusive situation from recurring. Child psychologist, Dr. Danielle Wahba, works with children who have experienced abuse and/or trauma. After observing one of our education sessions, she stated, “I cannot say enough about the importance of early intervention and how this curriculum could prevent future sexual abuse. It empowers children with knowledge, validation, the courage to listen and act when they get an “icky” feeling, and a course of action to protect themselves. It gives parents the understanding of how to advocate and champion their child’s empowerment at home and in the community. It is my professional wish that it could be implemented in all schools and cannot fathom the positive impact it would have on preventing future child abuse.”

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