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My pal Chris Wooley came to Verge Jackson at Lucky Town Brewing Company this past weekend and took some footage. He then made it into a cool video along with my song "Texas or Somwhere New". It's pretty neat. Check it out!

Posted by Alex Fraser on Monday, April 17, 2017

Our mission is to provide a free interactive arts festival for Jackson and its surrounding communities that celebrates expression and diversity in all forms. Completely different from a traditional arts and craft fair, every single creative project at Verge is interactive and invites audience participation. Featuring magic made by Jackson artists and creatives, we bring a sense of wonder and imagination created by our community free to be experienced by us all. The next VergeJXN will be on October 20, 2018 at the Hatch in Midtown, Jackson MS.

Our total budget is $600.

$1,400 of $1,000 Goal
Raised by 2 people in 249 days
  1. JJ Townsend  
    1 month ago
  2. JJ Townsend  
    1 month ago

What is Verge JXN?
VergeJXN is an arts festival that bridges the gap between artists and the community. Its executive board also reflects that goal, as it is made up of artists, art teachers and pro-art community members whose goal is to make the event innovative and exciting for project leaders and participants. Jackson is home to a steadily growing arts community, in which many artists, musicians, designers and builders are producing incredible works, but not nearly enough people are exposed to this community with any regularity. Our goal is to bring a free arts experience to a wider community than typically sees and interacts with art and artists in order to help foster a more open and creative environment in Jackson. With this festival, we also seek to alter a widely held perception that creating art is an exclusive field, reserved for a select few, rather than an accessible, engaging, and enjoyable outlet for everyone.
How much does it cost to attend?
Participants, as well as artists and project leaders, will not be charged anything to take part in VergeJXN, which is one of the founding tenets of our organization. However, in order to offer such an event at no cost to participants requires the financial support of the community, from individual community members to organizations and businesses.

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